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    I teach bassoon at Oberlin Conservatory. Previously, I taught at DePaul University in Chicago, and played principal bassoon in the Elgin and Lake Forest Symphonies. I've subbed with the Chicago Symphony, Milwaukee Symphony, Lyric Opera, Joffrey Ballet/Chicago Philharmonic, and many other groups in the Chicago area. In the summer of 2018 I will be teaching at Round Top Music Festival. My teachers include George Sakakeeny, Bill Buchman, and Richard Beene. In my spare time I'm interested in food, fitness, and health.

  • Lessons on bassoon, practicing, and teaching

    Become a better Teacher

    Lessons on how you teach private lessons

    Every musician understands the immense value of lessons on their instrument, but very few take lessons to improve their teaching. Get better at teaching to grow your private studio, have better students, and win a teaching job. I've had extensive experience coaching teachers of all instruments at DePaul University.

    Get into the best schools and maximize scholarships

    Coaching on your practicing

    The biggest difference between a student and professional is the way they practice. My lessons focus on improving your practice so you can sound any way you want, rather than getting you to play just like me.

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  • Live recordings

    Raphael Jimenez, Oberlin Chamber Orchestra. 9/18

    DePaul Symphony Orchestra, Michael Lewanski conducting. 2012

    Program includes Elgar Romance, Fasch Sonata in C, Perle BassoonMusic, Berwald Concert Piece 2012

    Music Academy of the West Orchestra 2010

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    Rob Knopper - Audition Hacker


    The best resource for audition and practice strategies. 

    Bassoon rentals and double reed supplies

    Midwest Musical Imports - The best, specialists.



    Jason Heath's Blog


    Real talk on classical music. Jason is an incredible thinker and entrepreneur. 

    Barton cane


    Well made GSP cane to make your own blanks. I use a Herzberg shape a like Rigotti at the moment.

    Go bassoon reeds


    Finished bassoon reeds.

    Bassoon rentals in the Chicago area

    Flatts and Sharpe - Best company in the Chicagoland area. Willing to get Fox bassoons to rent for a very reasonable price.



    Barrick Stees' Website


    Excellent reed making guide and other bassoon resources. 

  • Gallery


    Old Title by Melissa Kim

    CSO Chamber Winds

    Richardson Auditorium at Princeton University

    Lyric Opera of Chicago

    Chicago Symphony Orchestra in Carnegie Hall


    Tea time in Moscow

    RA for the inaugural year of the National Youth Orchestra at Carnegie Hall

    Lake Forest Symphony

    Playing on Jim Stephenson's kids concert piece Compose Yourself 

    MusiCorps Civic Orchestra

    Lakeview HS

    Wozzeck Bassoons at Lyric Opera

    Masterclass at DePaul

    MusiCorps Civic Orchestra

    North Park Village Nature Center


    Mozart Concerto with DePaul Symphony Orchestra

    Colburn Bassoons 2013

    Tanya Rosen-Jones Photography

    Tanya Rosen-Jones Photography

    Tanya Rosen-Jones Photography

  • Past Events and Concerts

    Oberlin Conservatory Bassoon Christmas Concert

    Early December 2018,

    Oberlin Conservatory

    Rhythms, Rhymes, and the Kitchen Sink

    Recital with Robert Walters and Teddy NiedermaierJanuary 21, 2017 3pm Bop Stop, Cleveland


    Round Top Festival

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